We primarily offer Frasier Firs, which we recommend for their good needle retention and their ability to grow in Western Mass. We have very few mature Concolors currently, but a new crop will be ready in 2-3 years.   

Most of our mature trees are between 6 and 7 feet.  A few taller trees are available in our east fields.  

Not sure what size tree to get?  In most homes, ceilings are 8 feet from the floor.  Be sure to consider the height of both your tree stand and your topper when deciding on a tree height.  A 6 foot tree gives you plenty of room for even the tallest Christmas angel! 

Looking for a taller tree for cathedral ceilings?  Bring a tape measure - trees spaced out in rows generally look much shorter than they do in your home.  

Frasier Firs 

Strong, upward-angled branches, fresh evergreen scent, and good needle retention make Fraser Firs one of the most popular types of Christmas trees in the Northeast.  Needles are short(about 1 inch long) and dark green with a blueish underside.  

Photo Nov 28, 4 07 21 PM.jpg


People who love concolors, also known as white firs, really love concolors.  They have a unique, citrusy scent with long and soft blue-green needles.  They have good needle retention and a full shape.